3D High Definition As-Built of Underground Stormwater Management Facility

New Castle County, DE

Karins and Associates endeavors to utilize cutting edge design and technology in all aspects of our projects. This spirit is evident in the techniques used to conduct the as-built survey of the underground stormwater management facilities constructed on this site.

This project included field surveys at various stages of construction, design verification, and plan preparation/submission. The field survey was conducted over a series of five site visits of less than two hours. Four of these visits involved the survey crew using a time-of-flight laser scanner with an internal camera to capture the existing site conditions. One final site visit was required to verify off-site construction conditions.

The scans created a virtual 3D model of a structure that was being buried shortly after being surveyed. The constructed components were able to be quickly measured and checked using specialized point cloud processing software. The information gathered by the scanner was utilized by office personnel to prepare the as-built plans required by regulatory agencies and to verify compliance with the approved design.

There are tremendous benefits for the current and future management of the site due to the quantity and quality of as-built information available. While underground stormwater management facilities are commonly designed today, the technology used for this as-built is a major advancement in the approach to surveying them. Laser scanning produces a more complete and more useful set of data that is only beginning to show its value to the surveying profession.

Karins’ won an ACEC Engineering Excellence Award for this project. Click here to see the award winning board.