Newark Booster Station – Rises Above the Flood

Newark, DE
City of Newark Public Works and Water Resources Department
The Newark Northwest Booster Station is a regional city water booster station that was built in the 1970s, prior to the availability of floodplain information for the nearby Christina River. The station building (built below the 100-year flood elevation) housed electric pump motors and power supply equipment that would fail and become damaged during storm events if subjected to flood waters. To protect the station from flood damage, a sandbag levee was built and city personnel would attend to the station using portable pumps during significant flood events.

With the assistance of federal funding, the City of Newark decided to upgrade the water booster station and it sought a qualified design-build team to accomplish its goal. 

The existing station building had been built into a hill. As the flat concrete roof was above the floodplain elevation, building on top of the existing roof provided a solution. Through a design-build delivery approach, Karins and Associates, in coordination with the builder and the City, engineered the improvements to the station that consisted of:

  • Repurposing the existing roof to serve as a platform for a new packaged water booster station, 
  • Reconfiguration of the piping within the existing building to connect to the packaged station,
  • Phased demolition of the existing pumps and power equipment to maintain operations,
  • Installation of new power panels and electric equipment in the existing building at an elevation above the floodplain,
  • General interior building improvements, and
  • Site improvements.
A 3D laser scan survey and 3D CAD modeling were utilized for engineering of the piping retrofit connections with the packaged booster station.