IMG_4146 The Village of Bayberry North Engineering Project
296_bayberry-project The Village of Bayberry North Engineering Project
263_img-4158 The Village of Bayberry North Engineering Project
264_pond The Village of Bayberry North Engineering Project
294_bayberry-aerial-richeson The Village of Bayberry North Engineering Project

The Village of Bayberry North

New Castle County, DE
Blenheim Homes

testWhen Blenheim Homes envisioned a new sprawling residential community on over 1,300 acres they knew the complex site development issues would require experts who could bring this concept to fruition.  Karins and Associates was the firm to help make this dream a reality.  The project, The Village of Bayberry, was divided into two distinct phases…Bayberry North and Bayberry South. 

Bayberry North, inspired by several of the areas “most beautiful residential neighborhoods,” includes 463 acres and features 951 residences including townhomes, twin homes, village homes, and estate homes; miles of hiking and biking trails; a 55-acre community park; open space that covers over one-third of the site; and a clubhouse on an 11-acre lake. 

The developer’s master plan was originally recorded with larger lots according to the housing market at the time.  After the recession, Blenheim responded to market conditions and re-subdivided the property to include smaller lots and more affordable options for potential homebuyers.  Karins and Associates provided value-engineering by evaluating and modifying the design to fit the new layout.

 Additionally, Karins and Associates:

  • Prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment then developed conceptual improvements for the mitigation measures resulting from the traffic impacts. 
  • Developed preliminary and final engineering plans. 
  • Worked closely with the client and landscape architect to design site amenities. 
  • Developed exhibits and presentation materials for resident meetings and public hearings. 
  • Worked with the New Castle Conservation District, DelDOT, New Castle County and local legislators to resolve existing drainage concerns adjacent to the property. 
  • Developed a comprehensive stormwater strategy for the site that reduced the quantity (both rate and volume) and enhanced the quality of runoff to the lake adjoining the parcel. 
  • Developed plans for four pump stations to service the facility and for the regional improvements to the sewer system. 
  • Performed boundary surveys including the determination of over one mile of right-of-way.  

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