Karins and Associates’ survey team keeps up with the latest technology in survey equipment and services. We have evolved our survey practices by acquiring the latest equipment including Digital Laser Scanning equipment, which is capable of providing digital quality as-built information at amazing speed and accuracy and can provide a wide array of final deliverables. 

Additionally, one major benefit is safety. A laser scanner uses reflectorless remote sensing to locate features accurately and with great detail. This allows for safer data acquisition in potentially hazardous environments such as near volatile substances, dangerous equipment, or in high voltage areas. These sites can be surveyed completely while allowing field personnel to maintain safe distances from any potential hazard. Elevated features and detail on tall buildings can be measured from the ground, eliminating the need for scaffolding and thus the risk of a fall. Railroads, roadways and other areas subject to vehicular traffic can be scanned without field personnel ever having to set foot in travel lanes. Traffic stoppage is unnecessary for surveying in such areas with the scanner, because so much information is gathered from both the vehicles and the roadway beneath. Once the scanning is completed, office personnel can use point cloud software to eliminate the points from the traffic leaving only the road surface from which the necessary data can be extracted. In addition to providing safety for field personnel, laser scanning is a safe way to survey fragile objects. Historical buildings, artifacts and other sensitive features can be measured and documented without being physically contacted. Improved safety is just one of the many benefits of utilizing this powerful technology in surveying, but it is certainly the most valuable.

Uses Include:

  • Geometry of hard to reach objects such as the undersides of bridges and overpasses
  • Commercial development and construction
  • Infrastructure and transportation
  • Hardscape and redevelopment
  • Buildings, facades, columns, ceilings, domes
  • Plant and industrial facilities
  • Forensics
  • Documentation of historical sites
  • Mining

Deliverables Include:

  • Alignments
  • 3D Wireframe Meshes
  • Cross Sections
  • Volumes
  • Contours
  • Bridge Clearances
  • Breaklines
  • 2D/3D Line Work
  • Competitive advantage for clients' proposals and clients' ability to use raw scan data for downstream needs

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