We have a full-service survey department prepared to provide any survey service you may need.  We have Professional Land Surveyors, and experienced field and office personnel ready to provide accurate and efficient survey services for any need.  Our field personnel are equipped with the latest technology including:

  • Robotic Total Stations
  • GPS Equipment
  • Digital Laser Scanning Equipment - Click here for more information
  • SenseFly AlbriS™ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV/Drone) - Drone technology provides a safer alternative to surveys from certain heights…no need to hoist a surveyor.  This Unmanned Aerial  Vehicle (UAV) has the widest camera breadth of any civilian drone and is well suited for sensitive or dangerous sites.
  • KingfisherTM robotic unmanned surface vessel (USV) - The USV enables water resource professionals to quickly, accurately, and safely collect and analyze inland bathymetry data. Survey technicians are able to remain safe and dry on shore while the USV travels through a waterbody collecting geo-referenced depth information from an onboard survey-grade sonar and GPS.  Watch the video below to learn how we can help you with hydrographic surveying.

List of Surveying Services


Topographic Survey
Boundary Determination
As-Built Surveys
ALTA /ACSM Surveys
Hydrographic and Volumetric Surveys

Construction Stakeout

Residential Subdivisions
Commercial Properties
Industrial Complexes
Highway and Heavy Construction Stakeout
Grading/Plot Plans for Construction Permits

Construction Services

Construction Layout
Construction Cost Estimates
Earthwork Analysis
Certified Construction Review (CCR)
Stormwater Management: As-Built Survey and Reporting

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