2687-Perspective_Project Longwood Gardens - 3D Laser Scanning Engineering Project
265_longwood-for-project-2 Longwood Gardens - 3D Laser Scanning Engineering Project
266_longwood-for-project Longwood Gardens - 3D Laser Scanning Engineering Project

Longwood Gardens - 3D Laser Scanning

Kennett Square, PA
Longwood Gardens/Bancroft Construction

This 1,077 acre internationally renowned public garden showcases extensive vistas, meadows, and the “nation’s most important historic fountain garden.”  In October, 2014 Longwood Gardens embarked on a series of major improvements to its renowned Main Fountain Garden. Spending an estimated $90-million over three years, Longwood is “replacing the 83-year-old fountains’ infrastructure with the latest technology, improv(ing) guest access to the Garden, and add(ing) innovative new elements that honor the visionary original design by Longwood Gardens founder Pierre S. du Pont.”  

Karins was excited to be a part of this historic project.  Karins utilized 3D laser scanning to capture the existing conditions prior to deconstruction for historical preservation. This included topographic verification, 3D laser scanning of the fountain area, gardens and pump house, fountain head locations and, as-built surveys.

The information was provided to the client in the form of a 3D point cloud, a digital record for memorialization. All fountain heads were located and mapped for replacement after reconstruction.